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Why shopping with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

You all hear about cryptocurrencies and the famous Bitcoin. But what is it? 

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is just what we call a virtual currency. More concretely it is a medium of executing transactions. Just like in the real world you will use dollars or euros to purchase your pizza, you will do the same with Bitcoin with your phone. Except, it will not be a physical exchange of money.

In the last couple of years, the global interest around bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has significantly grown. We, at Unibasics*, believe in this new technology and it is the reason why we decided to accept Bitcoin as a mean of payment of your website.

Benefits of shopping with Bitcoin

1. Bitcoin is digital and decentralized: tired of seeing your money goes on transactions fees, receiving call from your banker asking you to justify your purchase? With Bitcoin, you get the freedom to transfer your bitcoin when you want, how you want, to who you want. There is no intermediaries (your greedy banker :) ) that control your money.

2. Impossible to falsified: there is no way to duplicate a Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) like cash.

3. International currency of the future: Bitcoin is not own by any government. Which means you don't have to suffer the currency exchange rate when you shop with us ;)

4. Secure and easy to use for online shopping: as we said, Bitcoin is a virtual currency. As you shop online with your phone or computer, you don't need to get your credit card out of your wallet and type the number etc. Just you a captcha or the secure Coinbase App to transfer the crypto to our wallet. And that's it !

Not convinced yet shopping with Bitcoin?

It is okay. We know digital currency is a disruptive innovation and it will take time before it gets adopted. So you can still purchase on our website using you credit card or Apple Pay. Also, if you have question on how you can shop using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, feel free to contact us at We will give you detailed information on how to get bitcoin and how to use it to shop with us.



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